Roger Kint, or something like that (in_verbatim) wrote in playground_usa,
Roger Kint, or something like that

It's the morning after the rain, and the air smells damp and thick. Puffs of steam slip up from the grates in the streets, twirling around like little angels and then dissipating into the air, only serving to accentuate the overcast atmosphere.

Verbal sits alone at one of the tables outside a cafe, sipping his coffee (black, only the real stuff) and watching the people shuffle by with his dull, brown eyes. He's hoping that this isn't his Las Vegas, that because he followed a portal from the Nexus he's in a world other than his own. He knows that back home people are looking for him at this very moment, and that people will find him if he doesn't cover his tracks in just the right way. When he originally came in through the portal and found himself in this suspiciously Earth-like world, he couldn't figure out how to get back. He still isn't sure. He's wearing his rose-colored glasses, but those hardly count as a disguise. You can imagine the pressure.

None of this internal conflict is visible on his face, however. If anything, he looks bored, dead to the world, a zombie with a cup of coffee. He's had better days, really.
Tags: open thread, rose stone, verbal kint, vivian ward
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