Tess Ocean (tess_ocean) wrote in playground_usa,
Tess Ocean

Endings are just beginnings

There was no easy way of doing this, Tess mused as she started to carefully zip up her clothes in the suit carriers. Most people leaving in the dead of the night, would hurriedly throw their belongings into a suitcase or bag, but Tess was painstakingly layering tissue paper between the garments. She had time to kill, at least an hour, before Terry would return. Better to keep herself busy than have time to fret or stress. There wasn't much of hers here to be fair, she'd only moved in a few months ago. So save for her clothes and toiletries, as she'd rented out her old apartment and therefore left it furnished, it wouldn't take long to pack.

The painting that hung above hers and Terry's bed, would however be missed. Far more than Terry she thought, and at that moment as her fingers ran over the much loved canvas, she wondered why she'd spent so long believing Terry could ever make her truly happy.

By the time Terry returned, the bell boy would have already taken her cases to the main Lobby, she just hoped the tip had been enough to buy his discretion for the meantime. The last thing she needed was Terry being alerted to her departure via his Staff, before she'd had chance to explain.
Tags: terry benedict, tess ocean
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