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2nd-May-2007 02:50 pm(no subject)
Having Ginger on your arm came at a price, and so far Tony hadn't been forthcoming. So when they walked into the bar, Ginger avoided the booths that were tucked away in out of view nooks and crannies and sat at the long mahogany effect bar instead. The bar wasn't the glitz and pizazz that Ginger's Vegas usually offered, she was staying off her husband's radar. There was a slight seedy feel to the place, dimmed downlighters on the walls above the booths, tables hidden away in corners, plastic foliage and silk orchids spilling out from the tops of the makeshift walls that separated the tables.

The bar looked like it had seen more than its fair share of dodgy business deals and clandestine affairs. Ginger had subtley slipped a fifty into the doorman's hand, as they had come through the front doors, before making their descent into the basement bar.

She pulled a cigarette from her Dior cigarette case, and leant over for Tony to light it, making sure he got a great view of her cleavage as she did.

((Open to anyone, except Sam or Nicky XP And THNMY! Because that other thread for Ginger needs finishing!))
lighting a cig
25th-Mar-2007 09:40 pm - Endings are just beginnings
There was no easy way of doing this, Tess mused as she started to carefully zip up her clothes in the suit carriers. Most people leaving in the dead of the night, would hurriedly throw their belongings into a suitcase or bag, but Tess was painstakingly layering tissue paper between the garments. She had time to kill, at least an hour, before Terry would return. Better to keep herself busy than have time to fret or stress. There wasn't much of hers here to be fair, she'd only moved in a few months ago. So save for her clothes and toiletries, as she'd rented out her old apartment and therefore left it furnished, it wouldn't take long to pack.

The painting that hung above hers and Terry's bed, would however be missed. Far more than Terry she thought, and at that moment as her fingers ran over the much loved canvas, she wondered why she'd spent so long believing Terry could ever make her truly happy.

By the time Terry returned, the bell boy would have already taken her cases to the main Lobby, she just hoped the tip had been enough to buy his discretion for the meantime. The last thing she needed was Terry being alerted to her departure via his Staff, before she'd had chance to explain.
looking down
25th-Mar-2007 07:09 pm - Dutch Courage
Why were phone booths always so damn awkward? Ginger had enough to worry about, keeping her eyes peeled up and down the street for anyone watching her, without having the extra hassle of trying to balance her purse on top of the phone as she rifled through it for change and Lester's phone number. Even if she still had her cellphone, which she didn't, she wouldn't have used it for this call anyway. The cellphone was just an excuse for Sam to call her whenever he felt like it, and no matter how many times he said 'doesn't a man have the right to speak to his wife whenever he wants', she knew he was checking up on her. So she'd trashed it, and told Sam she'd lost it.

This was going to be it, she'd arrange a meeting place, give him the money he needed, and then that was it, no more contact. Sam wasn't going to suspect she'd try to pull the same trick again, she'd be a fool to try that. Last time she'd done it straight after an argument, this time she'd left her husband with a smile on his face.

"Okay, this is it though Lester. You know how much I'm riskin' here, you gotta promise me that I won't hear from you again after this. Three o'clock, the Black Bear Diner."

She hung up the receiver, gathered up her purse and bits and bobs, and headed off down the street in search of a bar, any would do, she needed a bottlebit of Dutch courage to carry this through.
oh shit
23rd-Mar-2007 09:24 pm(no subject)
It's the morning after the rain, and the air smells damp and thick. Puffs of steam slip up from the grates in the streets, twirling around like little angels and then dissipating into the air, only serving to accentuate the overcast atmosphere.

Verbal sits alone at one of the tables outside a cafe, sipping his coffee (black, only the real stuff) and watching the people shuffle by with his dull, brown eyes. He's hoping that this isn't his Las Vegas, that because he followed a portal from the Nexus he's in a world other than his own. He knows that back home people are looking for him at this very moment, and that people will find him if he doesn't cover his tracks in just the right way. When he originally came in through the portal and found himself in this suspiciously Earth-like world, he couldn't figure out how to get back. He still isn't sure. He's wearing his rose-colored glasses, but those hardly count as a disguise. You can imagine the pressure.

None of this internal conflict is visible on his face, however. If anything, he looks bored, dead to the world, a zombie with a cup of coffee. He's had better days, really.
Rose glasses-- smoking
23rd-Mar-2007 01:25 pm - In The Tangiers
Although Danny knew The Tangiers well enough, this was still Ginger's territory. Quite literally, in fact. As they entered, Ginger was still as close, overt and forthcoming as she had been across the road at the Grand. This surprised Danny, if he was honest, but guessed her relationship with her husband, who would no doubt be alerted to their presence within minutes, was something she had suitable control over. Married couples, of any notable duration, usually found themselves coming to an understanding eventually.

Most married couples, that is...

((Continued from Ginger's here. ))
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