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America's Playground

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This is a roleplay community based on the real world and real world restrictions. Set in Las Vegas for the most part, although scenes based anywhere in the real world are welcome, and easily accessible through Nexus portals, the community offers the opportunity for your human characters to interact, in an environment that is not alien to them. Your character must be an ordinary human to play here and must have photographic icons and PB. If you rob a bank, or mug an old lady then the police will inevitably be involved. If you shoot someone, they will be injured or die.

The community was created as an offshoot universe from the Nexus to allow your human character to do what they do. If you're a conman, a telepath is going to be onto you. If you're one of the meanest gangsters, best cop, coolest fighter (you get the jist) in your human ordinary universe, when faced with characters of stupendous powers in comparison in the Nexus, your character's going to lose what defines them if they can't do what they do.

The only aspects of anything supernatural, magical, futuristic or otherwise are the portals from the various Nexus communities, and the fact that timelines converge here. Meaning that characters from different times are living in the same timespan for the roleplay.

If all that sounds like just what you or your character has been craving or would like to be part of, then please join our OOC Community playground_ooc first. There you can post an application using your character journal. Details for applying can be found here.

More information about the community and its rules and guidelines can be found here.

This is an adult community, themes of a graphic nature are to be expected, all threads containing R Rated 18+ material will be tagged as such and hidden behind an lj-cut. If you are not of legal age to view this material, we have taken the care to label it as such, and we accept no responsibility beyond this.

The character journals within this community were created for recreational role-playing purpose only. No profit is being made from the community or the stories posted within. The authors are not infringing any copyright laws, neither are they claiming to own the characters or have any link to their original creator.