Ginger McKenna-Rothstein (ginger_hustler) wrote in playground_usa,
Ginger McKenna-Rothstein

Dutch Courage

Why were phone booths always so damn awkward? Ginger had enough to worry about, keeping her eyes peeled up and down the street for anyone watching her, without having the extra hassle of trying to balance her purse on top of the phone as she rifled through it for change and Lester's phone number. Even if she still had her cellphone, which she didn't, she wouldn't have used it for this call anyway. The cellphone was just an excuse for Sam to call her whenever he felt like it, and no matter how many times he said 'doesn't a man have the right to speak to his wife whenever he wants', she knew he was checking up on her. So she'd trashed it, and told Sam she'd lost it.

This was going to be it, she'd arrange a meeting place, give him the money he needed, and then that was it, no more contact. Sam wasn't going to suspect she'd try to pull the same trick again, she'd be a fool to try that. Last time she'd done it straight after an argument, this time she'd left her husband with a smile on his face.

"Okay, this is it though Lester. You know how much I'm riskin' here, you gotta promise me that I won't hear from you again after this. Three o'clock, the Black Bear Diner."

She hung up the receiver, gathered up her purse and bits and bobs, and headed off down the street in search of a bar, any would do, she needed a bottlebit of Dutch courage to carry this through.
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If you had been watching Ginger's actions from a block down the street, you would have been able to see Ginger struggling with her purse and the phone. You would have been able to see an empty black Mustang and an equally uninhabited red Pontiac parked half a block between yourself and the phone box. There was also an alleyway situated only twenty or so feet away from the phone box.

If you had been watching Ginger's actions from a block down the street, you would have been able to see Nicky standing in that alleyway, leaning with his back to the wall, purposely out of the view of his best friends' wife.

Not out of earshot, however.
When Ginger passed the alleyway, she was shoving her carkeys back in her purse, the last place she was looking was down some alley.

She strode purposefully towards the doors of the nearest bar, taking one more quick look over her shoulder before disappearing inside.

"Jack Daniels, make it a double," she smiled at the bartender, taking a seat at one of the high stools at the bar. No sooner had it arrived, Ginger had knocked it back and was asking for a refill.