Ginger McKenna-Rothstein (ginger_hustler) wrote in playground_usa,
Ginger McKenna-Rothstein

Having Ginger on your arm came at a price, and so far Tony hadn't been forthcoming. So when they walked into the bar, Ginger avoided the booths that were tucked away in out of view nooks and crannies and sat at the long mahogany effect bar instead. The bar wasn't the glitz and pizazz that Ginger's Vegas usually offered, she was staying off her husband's radar. There was a slight seedy feel to the place, dimmed downlighters on the walls above the booths, tables hidden away in corners, plastic foliage and silk orchids spilling out from the tops of the makeshift walls that separated the tables.

The bar looked like it had seen more than its fair share of dodgy business deals and clandestine affairs. Ginger had subtley slipped a fifty into the doorman's hand, as they had come through the front doors, before making their descent into the basement bar.

She pulled a cigarette from her Dior cigarette case, and leant over for Tony to light it, making sure he got a great view of her cleavage as she did.

((Open to anyone, except Sam or Nicky XP And THNMY! Because that other thread for Ginger needs finishing!))
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